How it All Began

My love for documenting life goes beyond family and travel for me, it started with my own mom. What I see is a gorgeous, supportive, and optimistic-everything-will-be-okay woman but there are absolutely no photographs of her in my childhood home. Sometime after her second baby, she stopped printing our images and making albums. I don’t think we have taken a single family photo together since I was… 12. That’s a big reason why I became a photographer here in Moab, Utah.

I want something different for my family.

I want something different for yours.

Moab Photographer A couple cuddling in the glow of the Moab Sunset
Marta Mannuzza

It started… a while ago.

You know how we started to scroll through life and not really do things together anymore? And it makes us feel guilty because we have a limited amount of time to actually be around the ones that we love? I don’t think we should stress about those moments. I’m a family and wedding photographer that values connection and I want to help you create space and time for you and the ones that matter to you most.

No Two Stories Are The Same

I’m drawn to our stories. Our dreams are different, our paths are different but, hopefully, the reasons why we meet here – on this page – are similar. We are passionate about our lives, we love deeply, we feel deeply and we want to capture that.

Wedding | Elopement | Family Photographer – Moab, Utah

Get to Know Me

Forever On Repeat

Fleetwood Mac & Taylor

I’d spend all my money on

pretty things & books

My Birth Chart

☉ taurus, ☾ cancer, ↑ gemini



My Favorite TV Show

Gilmore girls

My Happy Place IS

on top of a mountain & in my bed

my almost career


Something that keeps me up at night

Jennifer Armentrout books

Favorite season

fall, always fall

I Can’t Live Without

tea with milk

Are you a little bit more curious now?

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