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A Guide to Thoughtful Use of Matted Fine Art Prints: 4 Simple Ideas

Timeless is not a style. Timeless is the feeling when you’re about to embark on a new chapter in your life. And one of my ways of looking back on my favorite moments in life is leafing through albums and looking up at images hanging on my wall. So, today I wanted to put a little article up on how you can use matted prints. Because what you’re holding in your hands is not just a picture but a true memory.

Whether you’re thinking of them as gifts, considering an easel display, planning a DIY gallery wall, or opting for safe storage, I covered it all below.

Timeless Gifts

Matted fine art prints aren’t just visuals; they’re vessels of shared moments and heartfelt connections. When choosing prints as gifts, think about the memories that resonate with your loved ones. Select images that capture their passions or freeze a special moment in time.

A box of matted fine art prints with Turret Arch in the image and an engagement sesison

Easel Displays of Matted Fine Art Prints

In simplicity lies sophistication. Placing a matted fine art print on an easel is a stylish way to accentuate its beauty. Be it a captivating landscape, a candid snapshot, or a scene from a your marriage proposal, an easel provides an eye-catching display option. It effortlessly fits into any room, creating a focal point that sparks conversations. Choose a sturdy, complementary easel to ensure your cherished memories stand tall and proud.

Personalized DIY Gallery Wall

Turn your space into a personal art gallery with a DIY approach. Matted fine art prints offer versatility and a touch of elegance, making them ideal for this purpose. Start by curating a mix of prints that narrate your story – vary sizes, styles, and themes. Arrange them on your wall, allowing each piece to contribute to the overarching narrative. The result is not just a wall adorned with images but a visual journey that reflects your personality and experiences. Trust the process, and you’ll be amazed.

Three matted prints hanging on a bedroom wall form an engagement session in Moab Utah

Safe Storage of Matted Fine Art Prints

Preserving the beauty of matted fine art prints can sometimes mean keeping them as cherished keepsakes. Invest in acid-free archival boxes to ensure your prints stand the test of time. This method is particularly suitable for prints with sentimental value that might not find a spot on your walls right away. Safely stored, these prints remain in impeccable condition, ready to transport you to cherished moments whenever you revisit them.

Whether you choose to your prints, display them on an easel, create a DIY gallery wall, or store them as keepsakes, each method encapsulates the beauty of your experiences. So, go ahead – gift, display, create, or store – and let the timeless charm of matted fine art prints help you remember the most beautiful time of your life.

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