Colorado to Minnesota Road Trip | PART 1

October Road Trip through Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park

It started with a kayak. Timb (my husband) loooves, loves white water and his kayak is the only thing we left in Ely, MN. So we drove… 2,000+ miles to fetch it. And we wanted to see pretty places. I wanted to see pretty places, Timb believes that every place is beautiful in its own way. ANYWAYS. I have been dreaming about seeing Wyoming forever and we somehow made it work.

Some of the places in Wyoming that we loved were (random order):

  1. Jackson or more Annie’s Thai Kitchen – Since I moved away from China I’ve been missing Asian food e v e r y day and my friend recommended Annie’s – it was sooooo good! Their IG is here
  2. Teton National Park – Delta Lake hike – beautiful views, a ton of scrambling, we arrived at the top at 8.30 so about 40 min late (I was aiming to catch a least a little bit of the sunrise but the hike was a bit more challenging than we expected) but we were completely alone till 10.30.
  3. Morning light at Oxbow Bend – so dreamy with the fall colors! And again no one was there!
  4. Sunrise at Schwabachers Landing where I met some reeeally nice photographers. I always smile a little when I’m the only girl with a tripod but oh well.
  5. Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone – It was beautiful although I was barely able to walk that because we did Delta lake the day before). If you haven’t seen it before take a look at it here

If you scroll through the images below you’ll see some of the highlights, I particularly love the textures of the Mammoth Hot Springs. The light hitting it was just so stunning!

I don’t know if that’s coming through but I feel like that entire section of our road trip was just so… Quiet. We went to bed as the sun was setting and woke up as the sun was rising (well, Timb did – my body always needs 10 hrs). But it felt so slow, so good. Makes me think of our expeditions at Outward Bound. Same thing every day. Life’s predicable, life feels good when you are out there.

Delta Lake Hike in Grand Teton National Park

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