30 Years Later: Celebrating 30th Anniversary at Delicate Arch

In the very very heart of Arches National Park stands Delicate Arch. I think we all know it 🙂 It’s one of the most iconic spots here, in Moab, Utah. And it was under this natural wonder that Richard proposed to the love of his life 30 years ago. To celebrate their milestone anniversary, the couple decided to hike back to Delicate Arch, creating new memories and capturing the sweetest photos.

The journey to the arch was filled with laughter and reminiscing, the trail echoing with stories of their life together. As they reached the familiar spot where Richard had once proposed, the couple shared a quiet moment, taking in the breathtaking scenery that had witnessed the beginning of their journey.

With the red rock desert as their backdrop, they recreated the magic of that special day, this time as a celebration of enduring love rather than a proposal. The photos captured the simplicity and beauty of their bond – a testament to the everyday moments that had defined their three decades together.

Sitting beneath Delicate Arch once again, they chatted about the passage of time and the countless memories they had created.

I am so incredibly honored that L- their daughter chose me as their photographer. Our session under Delicate Arch was not about grand gestures or posing. But quiet celebration of life. As they hiked back, hand in hand, the couple carried with them the sweetest photos and a heart full of gratitude for 30 years of a life well-lived together.

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