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Best Time to Take Maternity Pictures

When clients inquire about reserving a maternity and newborn session with me, one of their first questions is “when is the best time to take maternity pictures”?

If the answer you are looking for is short and sweet, it’s between 28-32 weeks.

I will be totally honest with you that before I was a photographer, I had absolutely no idea when the best time to take maternity pictures was. But I have learned since 😊 Worked with different women and while the process can seem overwhelming, and each pregnancy is unique to each individual. You’re probably going through different phases of – feeling proud, amazing and… uncomfortable in your ever-changing body.  But the session ca be really fun and enjoyable if you choose to work with the right human! And truly lean into who you are instead of holding on to outside expectations.

The most important piece to keep in mind when booking your maternity session is that you want to make sure you are feeling good! Usually, women feel best during their second trimester. As their morning sickness has passed, their energy is back and they’re getting that “glow” that everyone is talking about.

Moab Maternity Photo Session

For the maternity session to be successful you need to have a nice, round belly to show off. So, the best time truly depends on your physique; If you are tall and have a long torse, aim for closer to 32 weeks and if you are short and have a smaller torse, aim for closer to 28 weeks.

Another factor to consider is whether you’re having twins – in this case it’s worth reserving your maternity pictures earlier. 

I hope this article answers your questions and will get you one step closer to reserving you maternity session 😊

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