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Fall Family Photos Ideas

It’s this time of the year already! The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, soft blankets, warm breakfasts and pumpkin spice blend are here. It’s also time to start thinking about taking those family photos! Fall is such a beautiful time of year – the leaves are changing, the sunsets are gorgeous, and the lighting is perfect for photographers!

If you are thinking of getting your family photos or engagements done during the fall season – here’s some inspiration! Let’s look at what to wear to look great in your next fall photography session and best location for your fall session.

Location for Fall family photos

The location you choose to take your photography session will make a HUGE difference in the way that your fall family pictures turn out. The beautiful fall colors, of course, are doing their job and it would be a pity to not take a stroll outside. The gorgeous sunsets and leaves are providing the perfect backdrop for any picture! Here are some fall pictures I took in the Minneopa State Park and 7 Mile Creek Park near Mankato, MN.

I always recommend choosing a place that you’re either excited about or is important to you. That’s why I would recommend taking fall family photos at home! I bet it’s beautifully decorated and it’s the place that’s gonna feel most comfortable and cozy to you and your kiddos. But, if you want to turn a fall family session into an experience or adventure 😉 I would pick one of those locations: corn fields, nearby parks, grove of trees, your backyard (yes!), your home, fields, pumpkin patch or some wide open grassy fields, or an orchard.

Best outfits idea for Fall family photos

I know that choosing what to wear for photos is a challenge and trying to coordinate your entire family for family photos is even more tricky. I’d recommend picking one color palette that works for everyone. That’s why I try to go for tones; think earth tones, nude tones. Since fall gives the images a warm look I would avoid pure black and pure white and opt for navy blue and beiges. 

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