Warsaw Beach Engagement Session

I met Alex and Mateusz at one of my favorite spots for their engagement beach session in Warsaw, Poland. I love it because it’s less than an hour drive from Warsaw and it feels like we’re nowhere near the city. Just water, trees and sand. A lot of sand. 

I love beach engagement and couples sessions because that kind of backdrop really lets you focus on the humans and their feelings in front of the camera. There’s no distractions, just beautiful skies and minimalistic vibe. And as the sun gets lower the mood is just mmm dreamy

One of my favorite seasons for photography is fall or late summer. Everyone’s slowly getting back to their routines so places like the beach in Warsaw are empty. I think throughout the entire session we saw two other couples walking their dogs and that’s it! 

For the engagement beach session outfits we chose neutral tones. When yuo pick browns, red, blue  for their couples beach session you compliment the location, and each other. I’d say that’s perfect. Because it’s all about harmony. So, Alex wore a beautiful dark blue dress, while Mateusz wore jeans and a white tee.

We had the best time running around with their crazy cute pups!! I love watching the transition during my photo sessions from “uhmmmmmmmmm, awkward” to “heck yeaaaaaa! What’s next”.  

Also, if you ask me if you should include your pups in your engagement session or any session, my answer is always going to be YES! So, they brought their cavalier puppy along to their session, 

Photos turn out most beautifully when we just totally let go of any (all?) expectations and when we just have fun! That’s why I always tell my couples and families that this photo session time – is YOUR time. Time when you get to take a break and just spend time with your loved ones and just not think about anything else. Oh gosh, how good does that sound.

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