Denver in-home family session | Denver, CO

We have been staying in Denver, Colorado for a couple of months before we finalize our move to Moab and I jumped on the opportunity to work with some of the families from Aurora and Denver, Colorado. And it’s been amazing! Take a look.

There’s something very different and special about inviting a photographer to your home. The energy is different because it’s YOUR space and when a photographer steps in – the documenting part starts. It’s like we’re stopping time for a second (or an hour ;). These are the images that will capture the moments you will forget ever happened. Because, oh my gosh, there is SO MUCH GOING ON and kids are growing up so fast. 

And family portraits and family lifestyle portraits in particular help us remember who we were. Because we catch all the moments in between –  the looks of solidarity, the giggles, the running around, endless bruises, chocolate-covered fingers. We’re catching all of those fleeting memories and turning them into a legacy that will last.

Anyways… Here are some photos of the family from Aurora. The kids were so fun to work with and after about… 2 minutes of “whatsssss going on” they were having a blast, and you could really see their personalities.

If you’re curious about the in-home family session here’s a guide with all the tips.

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