Adventure Elopement in Moab, Utah

We had 2 evenings blocked off for this adventure elopement as the weather was very moody (and it usually tends to be in the spring). Knowing how unpredictable the storms are in Moab, I figured that we might have just big enough window create images we wanted. I met H + C at the trailhead at 7pm and the magic began. Behind the Parrot Mesa there was a massive black cloud looming in the distance. Then, suddenly with were surrounded by a swoop of swallows. And next we saw was a rainbow glowing in the East. Pretty surreal.

But most importantly, what I loved about this moment is how in love these two humans were. From the very first second, I watched the joy bursting out of them. The joy of being together, the joy of being here, in their dream spot. And so we frolicked and danced and laughed so, so, so much while taking these photographs. Every moment felt so unique, and so beautiful. Looking back, I can’t believe how lucky I was for being chosen for this moment in their life.

Hi! I’m so thankful you are checking out my work here at my website and blog. A little more about how I work… I’m all about creating a kind and welcoming space and guiding you through this beautiful corner of the world know as Moab.

Looking for a Utah adventure elopement photographer? Marta Mannuzza is an easy going elopement photographer in Moab, Utah who creates light infused, timeless imagery.

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