What to Wear in Maternity Photo Shoot

What to Wear in Maternity Photo Shoot? 5 tips

Are you looking for advice on what to wear in maternity photo shoot?

I’m a family lifestyle photographer and I would love to share some of the insights as to what looks great in the photos so you can not only feel fabulous during the photo session but also feel proud of the albums and framed images after.

I am super excited to share how to style a maternity photo shoot and maternity tips with you!

Step 1 The human behind the lens

Start with the photographer. Hop on a call, or start emailing to talk about a vision you have in mind. Be sure to pick a photographer that matches your expectations! Photography styles differ a lot not only in the editing styles (airy and light, true to color, super warm) but also in the way photographers work and philosophy.

I love to capture the natural flow of the day, and capture the way you walk, laugh and act naturally with use of prompts and a little bit of guidance. But some photographers prefer to pose and stage an image. Take a look at different Instagram accounts and share the inspiration with your photographer and make sure you’re both excited and… on the same page 🙂

Also, some photographers have their own vision whereas others sometimes the photographer will look to you for ideas! I love beautiful locations and also want the spots to be meaningful to my clients. So, I try to ask about their dream spots!

Let’s jump to the next section: how to be prepared for a maternity photo shoot.

Step 2 Pick out a good outfit to wear in maternity photo shoot

Oh gosh. The clothes! One of the biggest mistakes a pregnant woman can make is to wait until the last minute to pick out an outfit for a special occasion.

Photo sessions can be super easy and fun or can be a bit stressful. The more you push off putting the wardrobe together the more… stressful it can be. So, please, please give yourself enough time to try on different things until you’re comfortable and feel like a goddess! 

Colors + Patterns

One of the first questions I am asked is “what to wear for maternity photo shoot?” or “what outfits look best in the fall photo session?”. It’s not super complicated but there are a couple of things I would love you to think about.

First of all, you need to feel comfortable and gorgeous in your outfit. Try wearing an outfit that makes you feel like your best self. 

Second of all, colors matter. Try avoiding colors that are too similar to your skin tone and pick the ones that compliment it well instead. When in doubt I suggest choosing beige, cream, and copper. I haven’t seen a person who doesn’t shine wearing these. Maxi dresses are flattering while pregnant and always look spectacular– small patterns, lace and solid colors work well with an outdoor background.

My recommendations

Some of my favorite stores for maternity dresses are: Nothing Fits But, Hatch, A Pea in the Pod, I love these stores because I feel like you could wear these maternity dresses and feel fabulous after your pregnancy as well. They also offer natural fibers that feel amazing on your skin but also look fantastic in the photographs, and they work perfectly for the hot desert days in Moab. Here’s my favorite maternity dress: Kiko. (These are not affiliate links I just really love when my clients feel their best in front of the camera!).

Pro tip 1

Avoid wearing big patterns as they draw the attention away from your face and your baby bump! Also, avoid wearing outfits with big logos or any logos at all.

Pro tip 2

Try to have a backup dress prepared in case of emergencies (anything can happen, truly!).

Step 3 Bring Props to your maternity photo shoot

If you don’t necessarily want to be holding your belly in every photo (it’s also super cool if you do!) I recommend bringing extra props to have something to play with.

As a photographer I love to use the spot itself to interact with: flowers, leaves, streams, grass, etc. But a sun hat, sunglasses, blankets, necklaces are all easy props to use during a fall maternity session.

If you are including your partner or children in the photo shoot then I’d say that the props are not as necessary. 

Step 4 Choose a fun, but easy location

There are so many different possible outdoor locations for a fall maternity session. An apple orchard, pumpkin patch, local park, farm stand, farm field or even your own backyard!

Some of the parks and private locations need a permit or the owner just sending a confirmation that they’re okay with a photo session. It’s always best practice to check with the owners to make sure it’s okay to take photos on their property.

The time of the photo session is as important as the location. My sweet spot is about 2 hours before the sun sets. Then, the light becomes pure magic. At the same time a slight overcast makes for a “cleaner” and even look so don’t be afraid to show up even on a cloudy day!

Speaking of… While planning your fall maternity photo session, please also consider the weather. A professional photographer wouldn’t mind taking photos in a drizzle but make sure it’s something you are okay with. If the weather doesn’t look promising (lightning storms, storms in general) try to reschedule. Also, just to bring awareness – some photographers require a rescheduling fee.

Step 5 Have fun!

A maternity session is something to be celebrated. You are a goddess, a beautiful human who is caring another human in your belly! How wild is that? The session is supposed to be a celebration, a time for YOU to feel like magic. If the outfit you picked or the photographer you’re talking to makes you feel anything less than that – pivot! Choose the experience that will be fun and memorable.

What do you think? Do you know now what to wear in maternity photo shoot?

Would you like a session just like this one?

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